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Welcome to our company.

Zevia Inc. is a provider of state of the art hardware and software information technology solutions for home, small or  medium sized businesses and  organizations. Each technology solution is specifically designed for your situation. The hardware, the software, is carefully evaluated for your particular needs today while consideration is given to additional functionality and capacity in the future. Your investment in your information technology solutions today will not quickly become obsolete or outdated. Solutions provided today will continue to serve your needs well into the future. In addition all solutions are designed to be upgradeable to take advantage of the technology enhancements of tomorrow.

Zevia can provide you with these products and service.

Network Server and Workstation Installation for home office, small and medium size businesses.

Website design, hosting and maintenance.

Contingent staffing.

Hardware solutions (desktops, laptops, workstations, PDA's, etc).

Software solutions (network, retail, religious, etc).

Upgrades (software and hardware).


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