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Zevia, Inc.

Provider of state of the art hardware and software information technology solutions.

In order to keep up with the always increasing demands for information, yesterday’s hardware and software just won’t do. But what hardware do you need today? What software will allow you to be more productive into the future? Zevia can help you with solutions that will take you into tomorrow.

Targeted Solutions.

Each technology solution is specifically designed for your situation. The hardware, the software, is carefully evaluated for your particular needs today while consideration is given to additional functionality and capacity in the future. Your investment in your information technology solutions today will not quickly become obsolete or outdated. Solutions provided today will continue to serve your needs well into the future. In addition all solutions are designed to be upgradeable to take advantage of the technology enhancements of tomorrow.

Intelligent Solutions

Technology solutions are carefully thought out to give you the most “bang for the buck.” Your technology needs are different from anyone else’s. Throwing a template solution at your information technology needs is not the intelligent way to solve your problems. An information technologist with many years of experience in the field gives careful and intelligent planning for your specific needs. The result is a solution which meets your needs from the day your system goes live. Whether your needs are large or small, the same care and attention  to detail is given to each solution.

Experienced Solutions

The information technologists of Zevia Inc. have many years of experience in the field and have created solutions for individuals as well as global corporations. Each technologist is a recognized expert in the field of information technology and has provided solutions throughout the evolution of information technology. This allows each solution to come from a wealth of understanding of where information technology has come from and where it is headed.

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