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When you have the need for well-trained, professional, reliable contingent workers, that’s where Zevia Inc. comes in. We provide information technology support for organizations and businesses with or without their own information technology staff. Zevia Inc. will assist in any or all phases of your staffing solution life cycle. Effectively operating as your “right hand man” Zevia will seamlessly work with you doing what we do best so that you can focus on what you best

Today’s organizations develop in an environment of rapid evolution and constant innovation, particularly in the volatile sector of information technology. Organizations should therefore be absorbed in a constant process of redesign, which is necessary as a result of the potential to create value for the organization and reduce costs. To achieve these results includes an option that cannot be ignored, Outsourcing. Outsourcing is a term that is used to generically describe various types of cooperation agreements between two parties. On one hand is the client who uses technology to support its business processes and on the other is the supplier of services and solutions.

The option of Outsourcing must always form part of an Organization’s strategy. The managers of information technology must strike a balance between the processes that must be executed using internal resources and those should be outsourced  This is Rightsourcing, optimizing internal resources while considering the advantages offered by a specialized company, such as Zevia Inc.

Every project is unique with its special set of goals, deliverables, demands, and constrains. Zevia Inc. will help you determine the best solution for a particular project. We can supply the entire staff, become a member of your staff, or supply project management.

Zevia Inc. can assist your organization or business in achieving information technology excellence while keeping the cost of information technology down. Through Rightsourcing and service level agreements we can provide ongoing cost effective information technology support.

Call us at 718-827-0367 to discuss your project needs or email us with your project requirements at consulting@zeviainc.com.

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