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System Troubleshooting/Diagnostics $60 $50
If your system crashes, freezes up, runs slowly, gets bombarded with error messages, call us. Zevia  will troubleshoot and diagnose problems with your hardware, software, home network, email and more. The diagnostic fee is waived if we fix your problem at our standard rates.    
Computer Setup $79 N/A
Zevia will setup your new system or equipment including the initial system configuration and any peripherals. Your system is user ready when we are done.    
Computer Optimization $100 $80
This service will speed up your computer. All unnecessary programs and files will be removed making it more secure and faster running.    
Computer Tuneup $100 $80
This service installs critical system update, and we will perform all necessary maintenance tasks, correct hard drive problems, clean and optimize your system registry, fix system errors, etc.    
Operation System Install or Repair $150 $100
With the installation of the newest operating system you guarantee the maximum use of your computer's resources and system security. You get a professional installation or the operating system you prefer.    
Software Installation $25 per Program $25 per Program
Zevia will install your new programs ready to run. (Software not included)    
Virus Removal $150 $90
This extensive service will remove spyware, viruses and malicious software from your computer. If you find your computer acting strange or running extremely slow, the chances are that it has been infected with a virus, worm or has been loaded with spyware or adware. Whether a hacker or identity thief has infected your computer or even your email with trojan horses, malware, or other nasties, we can rid your computer of these malicious programs. Our service will scan your entire hard drive removing all traces of ill intended software. Why risk the the theft of your confidential information. Zevia will also train you how to prevent future attacks on you computer. (Software not included)    
User Account, Internet Security, Parental Control $140 $80
Zevia will setup your computer with different privileges as needed for the privacy and safety of your family. You will not have to worry about your children and teenagers are chatting with or what pornography sites they might inadvertently access. Protect your loved ones from internet predators, obscene websites, and objectionable chat rooms. We will help you purchase the right software and train you in its use.    
Basic Wireless Network Setup or Repair $110 N/A
With this service your computer's wireless network is setup and connected with your internet service provider (ISP) The connection is verified ready to use. (one computer and modem only)    
Advanced Wireless Network Setup $10 N/A
Will setup a new network with up to two devices, a modem and a router. (devices not included)    
Additional Device to Wireless Network $70 N/A
This service will attach one additional device to your existing network. (materials not included)    
Basic Wired Network Setup $199 N/A
If your preference is for a wired connection, Zevia will setup your computer with your ISP wired. (up to two device, materials not included)   N/A
Additional Device to the Wired Network $60 N/A
This service will attach any device to your existing network.    
Media Server Wired or Wireless $299 N/A
With this service Zevia will centralize all your media (pictures, music, movies, games) and connect it to your computer, Television, video console, or audio system. (materials and/or devices not included)    
One Time Backup or Automatic Setup $100 N/A
Zevia will either do a one time backup or setup up a backup device that will automatically backup your computer on a scheduled basis.    

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